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Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is  a 501©3 non-profit organization.

The mission of Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is to provide the most accurate information about the Education on Safety, Prevention and Intervention of Sex Crimes.

Our goal is to proactively protect all Arkansas children from sexual predators and to provide support to victims and families

We are actively seeking to involve Teachers, Law Enforcement personal, parents and concerned citizens in Arkansas and across the State of   Arkansas

Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. a 501©3 non-profit organization
Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is to provide the most accurate information about the Education on Safety, Prevention and Intervention of Sex Crimes, Our goal is to proactively protect children from sexual predators and to provide support to victims and families
Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is  a 501©3 non-profit organization Our Home Page Judy Cornett, Founder and Executive Director of Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. 501©3 non-profit organization. Safety Zone Youth Patrol Manual and Training Programs Predator Patrol and the Safety Zone Advocacy Team maintains a listing of United States Registered Sex Offenders. We have been in the process of writing a book called,
Your purchase helps to cover the costs associated with Sexual Predator Awareness and helps us spread education nationwide.
See Recent Past Shows Featuring Judy Cornett & Petra Luna
Thank You For Helping Us To Spread Knowledge & Education About Sexual Predator's!
Safety Zone Advocacy Inc. is a federally registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization Our organization relies on the generosity of private donors, corporations and community groups that provide money to underwrite our education, prevention and intervention activities, PLEASE DONATE.
Find Our Mailing Address,  Contact Judy Cornett, Contact SAFETY ZONE ADVOCACY, INC, General Contact information

Don't Hurt Our Children!

Are The Children of Arkansas
Safe Walking home from School?

Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. believes it takes the community working as a whole to protect its children from sexual predators and pedophiles.

Believing that education and prevention are the key to protecting children. Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. has developed a series of programs that are geared towards specific segments of the community.

Below you will find an overview of the programs and services Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. provides for concerned parents, community stakeholders and youth.

Predator Patrol Precincts

A comprehensive series of "how to" educational manuals and training programs, this program provides individuals with the tools and skills necessary to create safe communities. From developing a coalition of committed citizens including parents, victims, law enforcement, educators, health professionals, community leaders etc who will work together to educate their community on safety tips, local resources, and information about sexual predators, offenders and pedophiles, to providing cutting edge statistics, best practices and tools to insure internet safety, to advocating for stronger and more effective local, state-wide and national laws, this program has been proven to bring about positive changes within communities, and aids law enforcement in addressing the safety of children and adults alike.

This program also teaches individuals to identify local sexual offenders, predators and pedophiles, insure that these individuals are complying with local, state and federal laws, and if they are not educates concerned citizens on how to work with local law enforcement to insure that absconders are caught and prosecuted.

Safety Zone Youth Patrol Manual and Training Programs

Through this program youth will have an opportunity to learn and practice different ways of being safe through workshops that are short, upbeat, and experiential. The skills they will learn will help them to stop most abuse, abduction, assault, and bullying. Workshops are tailored to the ages and life situations of the children, but all Safety Zone Youth Patrol education components will have the following elements:

We focus on the positive. This means we use workshop time to explore and practice skills that can prevent, avoid, de-escalate, or stop a problem as soon as possible. We do not use scare tactics or stories that focus on children being victimized.

We create opportunities for “learning by doing.” Instead of spending much time discussing problems, we have children practice what to do to prevent or stop those problems. This means our students actually practice – with their bodies and with their voices – the skills they are learning, and they are coached so that they experience success.

We use matter-of-fact language that is not fear-based. This means, for example, that students practice skills for stranger safety, not “stranger danger.” We coach students to be aware, not “wary.” We practice skills to stop unwanted touch and attention rather than talking about “bad touch.” The goal of each level of youth programming will be to establish a Safety Zone Youth Patrol Team. The concept of this team is simple: Young people work together in a formal structure, with help from adults, to patrol the community in small groups, acting non-confrontationally, to educate their peers and the young children in the community to be safe and to avoid situations and individuals that could place them in harm. They are not tasked to apprehend criminals.

Enlisting young people as active partners in building a safer community increases their commitment to prevention, provides additional help in spotting trouble or possible trouble, and reduces fear and crime. General rules and regulations of a student patrol will be:

- Students will be supervised by an adult advisor.

- Students will not intervene in any crime, they will simply report it.

- Students will educate themselves and their peers on best practices to staying safe in their communities.

- Students will receive quality training in how to respond to situations.
Six Ways That Safety Zone Advocacy Teams Will Make Their Communities Safer

1.)  Youth - both in and out of the patrol - take greater ownership of the community because they see adults as willing to share the responsibility with them.

2.)  Peers can be more effective than adults in working with other youth, especially with proper training.

3.)  Patrol members help set standards and expectations for peers' behavior.

4.)  Having additional trained observers - the patrol members - noting and reporting not just specific crimes or rules violations but problems that could lead to crime increases the safety of all communities.

5.)  An active, successful patrol encourages other to educate themselves and to work together to insure every ones safety.

6.)  A well-structured patrol, one that involves a wide cross-section of the youth community, builds a sense of unity and community among students.

Acknowledging the fact that for Safety Zone Youth Patrol to be successful, there will need to be a committed team of adult's that work with them, this program will also have a component geared towards parents, guardians and other concerned adult community members.

The Adult Curriculum Component Will Provide Participants With The Following

- Tips on how to effectively work with youth.

- Idea exchange and problem solving around issues of concern.

- Discussion concerning techniques to maintain the advisor’s support system or continuing education within the home and communities.

This Program Will Target The Following Audience

- New Safety Zone Youth Patrol Advisors & School Resource or other Law Enforcement Officers working with Advisors.

- Other volunteers or staff working with Advisors & Parents of participants.

For More Information On These Programs
Please Contact Us Here!

Recent Show Featuring Judy Cornett & Petra Luna

ABC News Child Abuse


Predators Can Stay In Homes
PALM RIVER - Eleven convicted sex offenders and predators again will be able to call Judi's Mobile Home Park their home.
A Pedophile's Paradise?
A mobile home park in the Palm River area is becoming a haven for sex offenders. They use the park as a rehab of sorts. Currently, 8 offenders live there and more could be on the way. Families across the street have had enough.

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Beat Molester
TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- An inmate who was mistakenly put in a jail cell with a man who had raped and choked him as a child will not be prosecuted for beating the molester.
Jason Flores, 23, will still have to serve more than two years in prison for other crimes, including car theft and burglary. But prosecutors said Monday they have dropped a battery charge. Flores was arrested for a string of crimes in October and found himself at the Orient Road Jail, face to face with Kevin Kinder. Flores attacked him.
Straight Answers Change Minds
PALM RIVER — Monday night, for the first time, residents here met with the woman who runs a controversial mobile home park for sex offenders.
Nursing Homes, Other Institutions Escape Notification Of Sex Offenders
"There's not only people out there who abuse children, but people who specifically prey on adults," said Judy Cornett, executive director of Safety Zone Advocacy, a national non-profit organization that provides education on safety, prevention and intervention on sex crimes against children.

WASP and the Ohio Rally
On December 1st I arrived to a weak opposition. There was approximately 30 (maybe 40 if they were lucky) people who attended SoClears rally. This includes the speakers. I didn’t get to hear the speakers though. Even though I was right behind them I couldn’t hear much at all except when the Rev. yelled “That is MY son”. I guess SoClear didn’t want to turn the speakers up so everyone could hear their message, just the small gathering of felons, I mean supporters, that were there.
Virtual Child Porn Riles Law Enforcement
Lifelike, Interactive Child Sex Abuse Is on the Rise, and It's Legal.

St. Petersburg College

This free community forum was open to all community members interested in learning about: Florida laws on sexual predators and offenders; the responsibilities of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Sexual Predator & Offender Tracking Unit; what the community can do; and internet safety for youth.
In addition, there was a panel discussion with the following speakers: Judy Cornett, mother of a victim; Paul Wells, sexual predator/offender probation officer; and Mark Lunsford, father of Jessica Lunsford. The forum was held July 30, 2005 at St. Petersburg College's Seminole Campus Digitorium. (Windows Media Player Required )
I think every molestation victim should get this opportunity when they reach adulthood. Hell, yes!
TAMPA - Convicted child molester Kevin Kinder, inadvertently placed in a jail holding area with a man he abused more than a decade ago, was beaten unconscious Thursday when the man recognized him and exacted revenge. Kinder was in Tampa for a court hearing before returning to state prison. He was put in a large room with about 65 other inmates at the Orient Road Jail.

St. Petersburg Times
Sex Offender's Past Stalks Him
Authorities say Kevin Kinder does not pose a serious threat. But in 1992 he raped an 11-year-old boy, and that boy's mother won't let anyone forget.

Bill O'Reilly
"Back of The Book" Segment
Protecting Floridians from sex offenders
Guest: Judy Cornett, Child Safety Crusader

ABC Action News
What Would You Do?
Parents' Worst Nightmare Parents of Molested Children Talk to ABC News

People Magazine
July 10, 2006
Her son was molested, and now Judy Cornett is on a mission to keep sex offenders behind bars.

USA Today
Smith Convicted In Murder-Rape Of Florida Girl
SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) — A mechanic with a long criminal record was convicted Thursday of kidnapping, raping and strangling an 11-year-old girl whose abduction was captured by a car-wash security camera.

Geraldo At Large
Predator Sweep (Video)
Never-Ending Justice — Part II
Judy Cornett distributes fliers about predators to neighbors and is on a mission to rid the streets of the offenders. 

The Biggest Fight of Their Lives
It was only two weeks ago that Judy claimed victory, but she knows her fight is far from over.

The Clayton News-Daily
19 Sex Offenders In One Clayton County Motel
Court stays one part of new law that goes into effect Saturday. 

St. Petersburg Times
August 4, 2005 (Document)
The subject at last weekend's forum was grim - sexual offenders who prey on children.

WISTV Columbia, SC
Victim's Rights Group Educates Kershaw County About Sexual Predators
It's been a week since authorities arrested accused kidnapper and rapist Vinson Filyaw. Now, a victim's rights group is in Kershaw County challenging the way the case was handled.

"Danger's In The Neighborhood"
Judy Cornett organizing Predator Patrol.

(Click On The Picture To View Video Clip)

Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is working to tackle the following most disturbing statistics:

•  70% of children who are abducted are taken on the way to or from school.

•  36% of children, who are victims of sex crimes, have known their predator for more then a year at the time of the incident.

•  More then 20,000 images of children are posted on the internet each week.

•  Approximately 20 new children appear on port sites each month, many kidnapped or sold into the sex trade.

•  40% of people charged with child porn sexually abuse children.

•  1 of 5 children who use a computer chat room has been approached by a pedophile. 

•  The chances of being caught for a sexual offense is approximately 3%.

•  93% of juvenile sexual assault victims knew their attacker, 34.2% were family, 58.7 aquantances and 7% were strangers.

•  Nearly 30% of child victims are age 4-7.

•  1 out of every 5-7 boys are sexually assaulted before they are 18.

•  1 out of every 3-5 girls are sexually assaulted before they are 18.

•  89% of sexual solicitations were made in either chat rooms or in instant messages.

•  13 million youth use instant messages.

•  1 in 33 receives aggressive sexual solicitation.
The statistics are alarming! Many say, "it is a lost cause." At Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. we believe these statistics can be greatly reduced, if not eradicated if the community comes together to address the problem in a focused, positive way. Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. has developed a series of programs that address these statistics through education and community outreach programs that educate and empower youth and adults to be agents of positive change in their communities.

Our programs and services are directed to accomplishing three main objectives:

1.)  To educate youth and their family on safety issues and best practices.

2.)  To prevent abductions, sex crimes and drug abuse amongst youth. 

3.)  To intervene by aiding law officials in educating community members and assist with the arrest and detainment of sexual predators.

Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. was founded by Judy Cornett and formed by a group of professionally trained individuals with the same concerns: The Education on Safety, Prevention and Intervention of Sex Crimes.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from the fields of Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Entertainment, Non-Profit Governance and Law.

Our Team is proud to say that "We are committed and educated in our current laws, and are aware of changes that are desperately needed." 

Getting Child Molesters OFF the streets is one of our TOP priorities!

Tom Gerald (ABC's 20/20) and Judy
  Tom Gerald (ABC's 20/20) and Judy

Photographer, Judy and Orlando Salinas
Photographer, Judy and Orlando Salinas  
(Fox News)

Geraldo Rivera and Judy
Geraldo Rivera and Judy

Judy & Her "Hero" Montel Williams

Judy & Sheriff Grady Judd
Judy & Sheriff Grady Judd

 Judy & Gena Binkley
Judy & Gena Binkley
(Producer From ABC's 20/20)

Judy in the final days of getting Kevin Kinder sent back to prison!
Judy in the final days of getting
Kevin Kinder sent back to prison!

Judy with Tampa Bay Bucaneer, Shelton Quarrels
Judy with Tampa Bay Bucaneer,
Shelton Quarrels

Judy, Shelton and Best Friend Cheryl

Judy, Shelton and Best Friend Cheryl

Join The Predator Patrol Help Start a Precinct in your
Arkansas Community Today!

For More Information On These Programs
Please Contact Us Here!

Safety Zone Advocacy Working To Protect Our Children From Sex Offenders

Copyright © 2007-2009. Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. 
All Rights Reserved.
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